Aneko Press Ministry Partnerships, Inc., is a not-for-profit ministry that distributes Aneko Press books to individuals in prison, third-world countries, and for other evangelism efforts (such as door-to-door ministry). Your donation helps cover the cost of creating, manufacturing, and shipping books. We’re sending one book per one dollar donated, with any additional costs covered by profits from Aneko Press book sales.

Six pallets containing 28,800 books ready to ship to partner ministries for distribution

Our ministry distribution partners  (Prison Book Project, CLI Prison AllianceLove PackagesMission Cry, and OM Ships) report that each book distributed is often shared with other readers, for a multiplication in the number of people reached with each book.

We do our best to let our donors know how financial gifts are used, including what titles are sent and where they are sent. In addition, more detailed financial statements are available upon request.

Aneko Press and Aneko Press Ministry Partnerships, Inc.
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